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Returning the equipment

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This article contains detailed information on the return of equipment, including details on when, how, where, in what situations, and what kind of equipment doesn’t have to be returned.

  • 1. What equipment must be returned and under which circumstances?
    1. If you cancel any service provided with the use of a modem, router, UPC set-top box – return all the equipment, except for any devices indicated in the table below.

    2. If you change services within the process of self install, i.e. if you have received a shipment with the equipment and you are going to install it in your own – return all the old equipment, except for any devices indicated in the table below.

    3. If you change services but they will be installed by a UPC technician – return all the old equipment (regardless of its manufacturer and model) to the UPC technician.

    UPC Polska cares for environmental protection, therefore, please dispose of any non-returnable equipment in accordance with the provisions of the law on waste electrical and electronic equipment.

    The equipment is non-returnable when:
    - you cancel any UPC services
    - change services within the process of self install


    • Ambit - all models
    • Arris - except TG3492LG
    • Cisco - all models
    • Motorola - all models
    • Scientific Atlanta - all models
    • Terayon - all models
    • Technicolor - all models
    • Thomson - all models
    • Ubee - all models

    Wireless routers

    • D-Link - DIR100
    • Netgear - JNR3000, WNDR4300, WNR1000, WPN 824
    • TP-Link - TL-R402M, TL-WR1042ND

    Set-top boxes for analogue TV

    • General Instrument (GI) - CFT-2000

    Set-top boxes for digital TV

    • Kaon - KCF-G4NSA, KCF-B3200NSA, KCF-G3PVRA
    • Motorola - all models
    • Philips - DCR8111/03
    • Thomson - DCI52, DCI62, DCI6221

    VoIP gateways

    • Grandstream - HT-502
    • Linksys - SPA-2102

    SIM cards

    • all models
  • 2. What accessories must be returned with equipment?
    1. UPC TV 4K BOX
      • remote control
      • power pack
      • HDMI cable
      • USB cable
      • RJ-45 cable

    2. Horizon
      • remote control
      • HDMI cable
      • power cable
      • power pack
      • RJ-45 cable

    3. Mediabox
      • remote control
      • HDMI cable
      • Smart Card
      • power pack or power cable (depending on the decoder model)

    4. MediaModul CI+

    5. Modem or router
      • power pack
      • RJ-45 cable
  • 3. When should I return the equipment?

    The equipment should be returned within 14 days from the termination date of the Subscription Contract (Terms of Service, Chapter 9, Section 33 to individual and business customers).

  • 4. How to return the equipment?

    The returnable equipment should be packed in one parcel and protected against any damage. The following methods for returning the equipment are available:

    InPost EasyPack service (not applicable to Żabka and Fresh points)

    Free return


    1. Fill in the form available at the website you will receive (by e-mail and SMS) a return code for use in the InPost EasyPack.
    2. Bring the equipment, packed in one parcel and marked with return code, to the InPost EasyPack service.
    3. The confirmation of shipment will be sent by e-mail or SMS.
    4. If the dimensions of a parcel are greater than 8 x 38 x 64 cm, choose the option of a bigger box at the InPost EasyPack service.
      Note: please undertake the utmost care to ensure that the dimensions of a parcel are not greater than 41 x 38 x 64 cm. If it is impossible, use a different method for returning the equipment.

    Note: all components of the equipment (packed in one parcel) should be placed in a box, which is opened as the last one.


    You can check the status of your shipment here. For this purpose, enter the shipment number that you have received in an e-mail or an SMS message.


    Find any InPost EasyPack service on the map (it is possible to return the equipment exclusively at the InPost EasyPack service, it is not accepted by any partnership points such as Żabka and Fresh stores).

    UPC technician

    Return cost – PLN 50.00

    In order to establish the date of a visit, call us - 813 813 813.

    At your own expense

    You can return the equipment at your own expense by sending it to the following postal address:


    Zwrot UPC
    Arvato Services Polska
    Kopytów 44d
    05-870 Błonie

    Note: the absence of the annotation “Zwrot UPC” will result in a refusal to accept the parcel in the warehouse.

    Keep the confirmation of shipment together with the shipment number.

  • 5. What if I don’t return the equipment?

    If you fail to return the equipment or do so with a delay, the fee indicated in the section “Recovery Fees/opłaty windykacyjne” in the price list will be applied (to individual and business customers).

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