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UPC or INIT on the UPC Mediabox display

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If the word INIT or UPC is shown on the UPC set-top box display, take the following actions:

  • 1. Choose the signal source

    Click the button used for selecting the signal source on the TV remote control – SOURCE/INPUT/HOME/AV. Select the name of an input (AV/HDMI/SCART/EXT/EURO) to which the set-top box is connected. You can check it on the back panel of the TV set.

    In case of any doubts, the method of selecting the source signal may be found in the manual of the TV set.

  • 2. Start the activation process

    Click the button* UPC between 8 and10 times, in short periods of time, until the country selection window is displayed.


    * Take this step only if no information board is displayed on the TV screen.

  • 3. Choose your country

    Using arrows on the set-top box remote control, select Poland/Polska and confirm your selection with OK button.


    Mediabox, choose your country

  • 4. Enter the UPC activation code

    Enter the UPC activation code specific to your location (you can find it in the below search engine) and confirm it with OK button.


    Mediabox, enter the UPC activation code


    If you have selected a wrong location, press back to return to the previous screen and enter an appropriate code. Having entered the correct code, press OK.


    Mediabox, configuration

  • 5. Search channels

    Having entered and confirmed the activation code, the searching for channels will start (and it will take about 30 seconds). Confirm the search result with OK button.


    Mediabox, search channels

    Mediabox, search channels results


In case of any problems, call the Technical Support Department at 813 813 813.

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