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Restoring the factory settings of Mediabox

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The factory settings of the UPC set-top box – Mediabox – are restored in the following circumstances:

  • the absence of a portion of channels
  • the crash of a set-top box

It results in a removal of planned recordings, however, it does not cause the removal of already recorded programmes.


The factory settings are restored in the following stages (relevant instructions are available here for download):

  • 1. Main Menu

    Click Menu on the remote control.

    Mediabox, main menu

  • 2. Restoration of factory settings

    With the use of horizontal and vertical arrows, select Settings/Ustawienia and click OK. In the Settings menu, select Restore factory settings/Przywróć ustawienia fabryczne and click OK.


    Mediabox, Settings menu and Restore factory settings button

  • 3. PIN code

    You will be asked to enter the Customer’s PIN code. Unless you have changed it, enter 0000 and confirm with OK button.


    Mediabox, confirm the Customer’s PIN code


    Confirm another message again with OK button.


    Following this action, the set-top box will restore factory settings and will restart (it may take about 1-2 minutes) by launching an activation process, which is carried out in accordance with the below described stages.

  • 4. Country selection

    Having switched on the set-top box, the country selection window will be displayed (the word INIT or UPC will be seen on the set-top box display). Select Poland/Polska with arrows on the remote control and confirm the selection with OK button.


    Mediabox, select your country

  • 5. UPC activation code

    Enter the UPC activation code relevant for your location. You will find it in the below search engine.

  • 6. Signal strength testing

    If you have chosen a wrong location, click back to return to the previous window and enter a correct code. Following the entry of a correct code, click OK. The signal strength is not 100% in the majority of cases.


    Mediabox, configuration

  • 7. Channel search

    The set-top box will automatically search for channels.


    Mediabox, search channels

  • 8. Activation completion

    Click OK to confirm. From now on, you can use the UPC Digital Television.


    Mediabox, search channels results


If the above instructions have not solved your problem, call us at 813 813 813. We can check the operation of your set-top box only if it is connected to the power supply in the place of the service provision. Thus, please do not bring the Mediabox set-top box to any UPC Store.

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