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How much will I pay for earlier contract termination?

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In the event of a contract termination during the promotional term, UPC will seek the payment of claims in the amount of the relief granted during the entire contract term. This amount will be decreased by the period, in which the services were provided (in accordance with Section 2(3) of the General Terms and Conditions of Subscription Contract).


A monthly notice period is applicable, which means that services will be disconnected on the last day of a month following the month in which customer’s cancellation letter was submitted.

Example: UPC received a cancellation letter on the 20th of October. The services will be disconnected on the 30th of November.

  • 1. How to calculate the amount to be returned

    The formula for the calculation of the relief amount to be returned is as follows:


    Number of days remaining until the end of the contract term: Total number of contract term days x Relief granted during the entire contract term for all services


    The total value of relief is specified in the rules for a given promotion, in the section Your Savings/Twoje oszczędności.



    • A customer has signed a contract for 12 months and the contract term is 365 days (total number of contract term days)

    • The relief granted during the entire contract term (relevant information is provided in the section Your Savings/Twoje oszczędności in the Promotion Rules) is PLN 1,000

    • The customer used the services for 300 days – the number of days remaining until the end of the contract term is 65 days (365 – 300 = 65 days)

      65 days : 365 days x PLN 1,000 = PLN 178.08


    To obtain detailed information on the amount of claims at the date of the Subscription Contract termination is also available, write to use using our contact form or call us at 813 813 813.

  • 2. When UPC may seek payment of claims

    UPC has the right to seek payment of claims in the event of the Subscription Contract termination:

    • By the Customer prior to the expiry of the promotional contract term

    • By the Service Provider (UPC) due to the Customer’s fault prior to the expiry of the contract term
  • 3. When UPC cannot seek payment of claims

    UPC cannot seek payment of claims in the following circumstances:

    • When UPC makes a change before the expiry of the Subscription Contract Term or the Terms of Service, or the Price List, which consists in the price increase, and the Customer submits a written notice of termination of the Subscription Contract in relation to the notification of changes within a specified period of time, unless such a change is made as a result of any legal amendments, the removal of an unauthorized clause or any decision taken by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE)

    • The termination of the Subscription Contract by the Customer prior to the commencement of the provision of Services, unless the object of the relief granted is a telecommunication end device (e.g. a mobile phone)

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